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  • How to enable notifications

    Please help me to enable my notifications

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    Hi Jay! Could you please elaborate more on the issues you are having?....if you are just asking about notifications such as lesson reminders and schedules via text or email, there is a option on your profile tutor studio page, if there is another issue I would be more than happy to help as well:)

  • How to say correctly "stick with the plan" or "stick to the plan"?

    Hello! Is there any difference between these two phrases?

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    Stick with the plan is SOFTER like saying: continue doing what we planned.. Stick to the Plan means like "Don't deviate from what we planned"

  • How much or how many time?

    Is time a countable noun? We can measure it in minutes, hours. So, should I use how many or how much time?

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    Hi Ilka How much/ how long/how much longer is used when we are specifying a start and end time for an activity: - How much time do we have before she arrives? - How long does it take you to get to school? - How much longer do we have to wait for the train? How many times is used when we want to know a specific number of times something has occured: - How many times have you been surfing? - How many times has she asked about the job? - How many times have you been married?

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  • What is correct to say "don't worry" or "no worries"?

    Could you tell me what is correct to use? Should I say "don't worry" or "no worries"? Is there any difference?

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    Don't worry means don't overthink or don't be nervous/sad. No worries is another way to say "you're welcome" or "no problem"

  • i can't distinguish two words acception and exception. help me please

    i need help. how to know the difference acception and exception? not understand it

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    I got accepted in Harvard University (they welcomed you in the college) I dont like dairy products with the exception of yellow cheese (you only like yellow cheese)

  • Is it normal for a 7 year old kid to say "in a moment" or "wait a second" when I speak/don't speak?

    I am just curious if I did something wrong or they just don't understand, typically they can follow the words I say... even alphabets they don't memorize yet...

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    Sure, it reminded me of nice series "Young Sheldon" about young genius boy, he choses words carefully and sounds very smart and educated you can also use "just a second", or "in a bit" - I need just a second - I will be there in a bit

  • What is peak my interest? Help me understand it

    Hi everybody! What is the meaning of peak my interest? Is it an idiom?

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    Hi! primarily, it is informal English and It is used to express that something catches your attention ,or arise your interest and curiosity. for instance, "The Bluefish obviously piqued my interest a lot," he said. Thank you for asking and remember "happy learning".

  • hello, i can teach students in english nd urdu ...from where ill start
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    Hi Umma once your profile is up you can start right away. The best ways to promote yourself to gain students is to keep active on the format and keep your schedule flexible and open as far as timeframe. You can as well use social media to promote and advertise as well, if you need help with that I be more than happy to help! hope this has been informative and best of luck and wishes to you:)

  • Hi everyone. I'm here to coach in English as well as French. Where do I start to meet students ?
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    MiRindaCountry flag: gb
    English teacher

    Hello Cheyi.... It can take some time for students to find your profile and purchase lessons with you. There are some basics how to attract students (from profile picture/video to description and /or being active on the livexp. Good luck MiRinda

  • Hi I am here to teach both Arabic and English,where can I find the students?
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    Welcome Fatima! It takes some time for students to find you and purchase a class. Good luck!

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