Ask community” is for any questions about languages. If you’re curious about words, their meaning and usage, grammar, if you don’t know how to express yourself in a foreign language, you’re welcome to ask tutors here.

“Ask community” is NOT for:

  • Non-language-related questions
  • Questions about how LiveXP works
  • Questions that only the Support team can help you with, like rescheduling lessons, technical issues, refunds, etc. The Support team cannot help you in the “Ask community” section.
  • Sharing your personal information (for your own security)
  • Announcements when you're looking for a tutor. Feel free to contact any available teacher on the platform or book a trial lesson.
  • Promoting other websites.

Also, several things are a no-no in our friendly community:

  • Rudeness, harassment, bullying, or threats
  • Themes of self-harm, sexually explicit content, substance abuse
We’ll have to delete answers and questions that break these rules or are irrelevant to the Community section.

But if you’re wondering what they call hamsters in Japanese or the usual word order in German, ask away!