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7 questions about Greek

  • How would you translate "στων ματιών τις θάλασσες εσένα βρίσκω"

    Google translates the above as "in the eyes of the seas I find you" but this seems wrong to me, since "στων ματιών" on its own means "of the eyes"

  • If you can translate from English to your native language send me a message for more details
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    Please stop searching for victims on platforms like this one. We are just tutors trying to find some students.

  • Can we modernise the way we teach Greek, like English is taught in a tefl way, outside the box?
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    Of course and we can, your tutor have the ability to make it simple to you and give you example from modern terms or English terms which may be similar

  • A puzzling question, are most nouns in Greek masculine, faminine or neutral?
  • Are there sufficient materials on the internet for Greek tutors to use ???
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    There aren't enough materials on the internet for Greek tutors. It's important to use your own creativity. You'll have to create most of the materials by yourself.

  • Which language is the closest related To Greek as far as grammatical similarities is concerned?
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    Hello there, in vocabulary it's similar to Spanish and Italian but in grammar I would say Armenian or Indo-Iranian.

  • Is Greek really a difficult language? What are some good tips that may help you to learn it?
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    The greek language has difficulties in terms of grammar and phonetics. The best teaching is that which prevents these difficulties before they confuse the student. 1. It certainly helps to practise spelling with exercises. 2.Understanding grammar with examples. 3. Reading lots of texts and dialogues. Reading aloud also familiarizes the student with oral language and pronunciation.

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