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The Best Way to Learn French Online (and Find an Online French Teacher)

As with just about any language, French is a complex conglomerate of rules and personalities, structures and characteristics. And, as with just about any language, it is possible to learn to speak French online through tutoring services. Through regular study with private French tutors and immersive lessons, it’s even possible to progress beyond basic conversation or transactional skills into true comfort and fluency. LiveXP can assist you on your journey. Here are some of our most practical tips for finding a teacher and learning environment that best suits your needs and wants and helps you tap the potential you’ve always known you had.

The Best Way to Learn French Online (and Find an Online French Teacher)

How to approach learning the French language online

Without question there are ways to learn French fast online — LiveXP being a particularly easy and reliable one — but we are ultimately more concerned with quality than speed. Striving for consistency of study is an ideal format for attaining proficiency in any language, including one as grammar-based and regimented as French (or any other Romance language); that said, you are likely not to notice visible progress right away. Whether online or in person, language lessons take a while to demonstrate their efficacy, so don’t rush through, and don’t assume you have learned nothing or are failing because you might have trouble retaining information or get mixed up on occasion.

Connect with native French tutors online

There are plenty of French online tutors out there. Not all of them are suited to your individual style of learning — and, when it comes to something as personal as language study, individual style plays a key role. LiveXP assembles some of the brightest and most flexible teachers out there and arranges them for your convenience. Set up trial lessons, then book when you feel you’ve found a tutor who clicks with you. Since French is such an aural language, with pronunciations notoriously difficult to master and differentiate between, it’s important to link up with a tutor who makes you feel comfortable and whose teaching methods resonate with you. From the variety of French language tutors online, we can put you in touch with some whose approach is more immersive or some who take things at a more leisurely pace. It’s all in what you want out of your French study.

How to choose a French teacher online

It can be difficult to get a full impression of a teacher’s style and compatibility with your learning preferences just by their profile alone. That’s why, with LiveXP, you can schedule trial lessons with as many teachers as you need to get a sense of what suits you best. French is highly phonetic; you’ll be doing a lot of talking, so you’ll want to find a teacher you feel good talking to. Don’t be afraid to test out several arrangements before committing to one — you’ll be glad you took the time to cultivate a language practice you’ll really want to devote your time and energy to. That way you will see more satisfying results!

What is the advantage to French online learning over French private lessons in person?

LiveXP’s model has proven successful because it combines the ease of online access with the interpersonal relations of a live class. Holding lessons via video chat with private French tutors will create a more immersive learning process and help you master the key components of the language quickly and securely. You can also postpone, cancel, and reschedule lessons as needed. And in a time of increased dependency on virtual forms of teaching and learning, we know how much stress it can save you for us to bring the classroom to you. Face-to-face study time without the hassle of travel or the anxiety of a new environment. In other words, the acquisition of new skills on your home turf. What could be better?

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