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Find an ideal Russian tutor to boost your business Russian, prepare for exams, or get better at day-to-day chatting! LiveXP has loads of wonderful tutors to offer. Discover an online Russian tutor who can transform learning from boring and ineffective into fun and productive. LiveXP is a space chock-full of private Russian teachers who know how to guide you to noticeable, tangible results. Thinking where to begin? Browse LiveXP online Russian teachers, take that trial lesson, see how you like it, and get learning on a regular basis!

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Why choose LiveXP for Russian lessons?

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Browse Russian tutors, book lessons, manage subscriptions, learn new words, and track progress.
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Find your perfect Russian tutor online by reading about their qualifications and interests.
Learn with any tutor
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Track your progress
Your learning achievements with your Russian tutor are always at your fingertips.

How LiveXP works

Russian is considered one of the most difficult languages to learn due to its unique pronunciation, rich vocabulary, and complex grammar. Slavic languages are harder for foreigners to learn, as there is a different alphabet and sounds that are unusual for non-native speakers. Through Russian lessons and communication with native speakers, you will grasp the language faster. Start your learning journey now! All you need is to follow these simple steps to sign up for a class:

Pick a subscription plan

Choose the mode of learning most comfortable for you. Think over how much time you’re ready to spend with your Russian tutor and how often.

Choose a tutor

It’s important to choose a Russian tutor you like. Don’t worry, you can always switch to a different Russian teacher if you want to.

Book a lesson

Once you’ve chosen a Russian teacher, go ahead and book a lesson with them. And congrats! Your language-learning journey has begun!

Done! Private Russian language tutors on our platform will help both complete beginners and those who have already started to learn Russian.

LiveXP student reviews

Have a look at what students say about their Russian tutors.
While such reviews are helpful, nothing beats your personal learning experience.

About Anastasia

I highly recommend Anastasia as she is a great teacher and a delightful conversationalist. Her ability to make learning enjoyable is commendable, and I genuinely recommend her.

About Anastasiya

Lessons with Anastasiya are interesting, tailored in the way to improve different language skills. While teaching she uses various teaching ways: stories read by lector, grammar exercises, description exercises. All these make these lessons very interesting and really effective.

Elzbieta Mrozek
About Tamila

Tamila is professional teacher with great attitude and energy! She create good atmosphere, where you can be open and learn new things very easy. I really recommended her!

About Halyna

Thank you! My Russian has become much better))) Course: conversational Russian for those who want to improve their language.

About Anna

The perfect teacher. She understands me, and what I want to improve and she knows how to help me with my needs! Thank you!

The importance of an online Russian teacher in language-learning

Russian is a great challenge that not everybody can handle alone. Our Russian classes online will help you use the right learning approaches to make the process easier and more enjoyable. Russian-speaking teachers will guide you in your path of achieving certain language goals. Become our student and start working toward your fluency in Russian.

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