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LiveXP learning reviews

LiveXP is a platform where language tutors and students connect. Want to hear from them?

33languages to learn
2k+tutors to have lessons with
65kstudents learn languages
100k+successful lessons

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Languages unlock the world. LiveXP aims for flexibility and convenience. That’s why students have everything they need for successful learning. But enough from us. Let’s check LiveXP learning reviews from our students:


I’m very glad I found LiveXP. My knowledge of English was pretty basic. I needed to have a higher level in three months to get a job. I had a teacher before, but I couldn’t see any results. My sister recommended trying LiveXP. I found a great and passionate teacher Nataly. What I like the most about LiveXP is that you have everything in one place. It’s very easy to use, track your lessons, use a chat, receive reminders, etc. Managing the lessons is also pretty smooth: it’s easy to schedule the lessons whenever you need and reschedule them in case of an emergency. And, as to the progress,—I received a job after the interview. I continue learning English and improving my knowledge.

Eric Derton

I’ve been using LiveXP for learning Spanish for 6 months. I can say that the platform provides excellent service. When trying my first tutor, he missed a lesson and didn't want to reschedule it. So, LiveXP has a great support team. They refunded me that lesson quite quickly. I found another good tutor and had a great experience. I learn Spanish with her for 6 months and will continue doing it at LiveXP. Also, they have really cool blog. Recommend using it!


I haven’t heard about this educational platform before (it's a relatively new one). But I decided to give it a shot anyway, had a trial English lesson with Senka, and didn't regret it a single bit. Very professional tutor, funny conversation, and a convenient platform. Will use it consistently from now on.


I use LiveXP for my daughter. She is 8 y.o. She learns Spanish. I can see that she is really looking forward to her lessons. She likes the teacher and how everything is going. And she figured out how the platform works and how to join the lesson more quickly than me. Starting from the first lesson, I don’t help her with it. She schedules lessons and chats with the teacher on her own. It says that LiveXP is very easy to use.


After a trial lesson in German I had on LiveXP, the teacher sent me a learning plan he created based on my level and goal. That impressed me. He spent his time creating it, and the platform gives such an opportunity. I accepted his plan and bought a subscription. And I don’t regret it. 2 months passed and I am closer and closer to my goal in German. It makes me happy.

Why choose LiveXP?

One subscription — everything included

With a subscription you get access to every language and tutor on the platform. Students can learn as many languages as they want with different tutors


Book lessons whenever you have time, reschedule them, or choose Weekly lessons to learn on the same days at the same time

Easy access

Students can have access to LiveXP from anywhere in the world: on a PC, smartphone, or tablet

2,000+ tutors from around the world

You can choose any available teacher from any part of the world and get connected on LiveXP

Book a 30-minute trial lesson now!

If you’re not satisfied with your trial lesson, we’ll offer a lesson with another tutor or return it to your balance

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