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1 question about Romanian

  • I have a question about the nickname of a Romanian name.

    I'm Japanese. There is a famous Japanese animation called "ドラえもん/Doraemon ". The name of the main character is Dora-emon. The nickname is "Dora-chan". "ちゃん / chan" is a common diminutive used in Japanese nicknames and is a suffix. What is the nickname for this "Dora-chan" in Romanian? What is the diminutive that follows "Dora"?

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    We don't have that, we have endearing terms such as dragă=dear, scumpule= precious for male scumpo=precious for females drăgălaș=adorable drăgălașo=adorable for female form. But we don't have the equivalent to chan in Romanian. It's just not the same thing.

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