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51 questions about Arabic

  • Maa ismuka
  • What are some basics involving the Arabic language that would be good to know before visiting Egypt?
  • What is the biggest challenge you face in learning the Arabic language?
  • Why do you want to learn Arabic?
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    I see your picture in Hijab so you're a Muslim and this is the first reason to learn Arabic. As a Muslim, you have to read Quran in your prayer only in Arabic and you will only be able to do so when you learn this holy language. The second is to learn about Islam, the prophet PBOH said his scriptures only in Arabic, so to be a better Muslim you will have to learn Arabic. The third reason is to communicate with Arabic people whether they're Arabs (KSA, UAE..etc), Egyptians, Algerians,... etc. That provides you with proper clients with an elite attitude to close some deals with whatever your business is. The fourth one is that there are many nice places all around the Arabic world that can be your next vacation destination. The best way to communicate with the locals is to learn Arabic as not most of them are multi-linguistics. Finally, Arabic is a very rich language, Arabic literature is the best. So, if you're into literature and a readaholic, Arabic is your best choice.

  • How do you find it to make the student to say the letter ح ?
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    Hello Zayn; I hope you're doing well, ح is a heavy letter which is pronounced from the middle of the throat, so using the middle throat to pronounce and say the letter ح even using two or three letters to combine ح with another Arabic letter to practice more, like حر, حمل

  • How do we say in Arabic what is your daily program?
  • Do you visited any of the Arab countries before?
  • I would like to learn Brazilian Portuguese and I ask for help
  • why is the Quran, with its eloquent language and profound style, considered a source of comfort

    How has Arabic poetry come to be seen as a symbol of romance, surpassing the poetic expressions of other languages in beauty and depth? let's embark together on a journey into the wonderful world of Arabic language and literature, exploring its unique beauty and depth.

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    اللغة العربية في القران بليغة وجميلة للغاية ,القرآن كلام الله فهو دقيق وقوي اللغة حيث غلبا ما يعطي احساس بادهشة و السكينة و الطمأنينة و أمل في نفس الوقت أنا شخصيا لما أقرأ القرآن أشعر بأن أللغة جميلة تشعرك كأنك تقرأ كتاب لم يكتبه بشر خاصة اذا تدبرت فيه, في الحقيقة لغة القرآن بليغة و أسلوبه عميق جدا يحتاج تدبر لتشعر بالتوجيهات الروحية , تفهم مغزى من الآياته كما أن تعاليم القرآن صالحة في كل زمان ومكان

  • Is it difficult to speak Arabic?
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    لا، فتعلم اللغة العربية كتعلم أي لغة أخرى ، تحتاج إلى دراسة وممارسة ، وكلما زادت الممارسة زاد الإتقان فيها ، وكل شيء يحتاج لوقتٍ كافٍ لكي نصل فيه إلى درجة الإتقان المطلوبة .

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