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23 questions about German

  • What do you enjoy most about learning a new language? :)
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    Hallo Nora! Ich liebe es, neue Leute und Kulturen kennenzulernen.

  • Which cities did you already visit in Germany?
  • What is the Best to do, to "refresh" 20 years old Ģermāņu knowlege? No practice 20 years.

    From what country could be a teacher?

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    I would recommend watching movies in german this way you will refresh the vocabulary you already know but it will also help learning new word/phrases.

  • What do you want to learn first, when starting to learn a new language?
  • Why you're learning the German Language?
  • What is the hardest thing about German Language?
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    Der, Die, Das

  • Chtěl bych se naučit německy ale v podstatě nějaký základy mám ne tak úplně dokonale

    Dobrý den chtěl bych se naučit němčinu ale v podstatě nevím jak začít polštinou jsem se naučil skvěle protože moje maminka byla polka takže ovládám úplně super sice ne psaní ale komunikace ano Co se týče německého jazyka tak bych potřeboval se naučit tak abych mohl odpovědět jako na jakoukoliv otázku A co se týče hlavně mé práci protože dělám ve stavebnictví a chtěl bych se posunout dál abych nemusel mít za zády tlumočníka ale komunikoval já zrodili němcem

  • What are the reasons that have prevented you from learning the German language until now?
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    Sometimes my students think that German is a difficult language, much more harder than English. They complain about German grammar. In my classes we change thei minds together. Welcome to my lessons!

  • Why do Germans not like it when you speak English to them?

    I have been in Germany for some time. I noticed an interesting thing that Germans don't like when you speak English to them. I don't think they don't know the language. Someone told me that it is common for them to react like that. "If you're in Germany (not just traveling), speak German. Can't? That's your problem." Maybe that happened only to me.

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    I met different German people and didn't have such a problem. everybody was so kind and polite. They easily spoke English & German to foreigners

  • Do you think German language is hard to learn?
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    No language is hard to learn when you know how to learn it right😊 you should have the passion of learning languages..In the beginning you have to learn how to pronounce right and listen to natives audios and simple videos.. 2. Learning the article is very important in the german language as it will support you in the declination cases of german...which are Nominatv, Akkusativ , Dativ and Genitiv and the more care you give to learning of article, the better results you will get in learning german and this will boost your moral and makes you love language more and more. 3. Adherence to goehte instuitit course should be done as the courses are reviewed by language experts and proven to take care of the skills and phases required to learn the german language 4.When reaching level like B1 or B2 the best technique is widening your vocabulary and expressions by listening to lot of films, documentaries, comics with or without german subtitles This a little glimpse to keep you motivated 😉

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