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23 questions about French

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  • what's Doux, I've heard it being used in many different ways
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    NdriCountry flag: ci
    French tutor

    Le terme doux peut avoir différentes significations selon le contexte : exemple :Texture ou sensation agréable, gout sucré, caractère ou comportement agréable, son léger ou faible, soumis ou docile

  • What are some interesting affects your L1 has on your French accent?

    Mention your L1 as well

  • How can I practice French pronunciation effectively? I find it more challenging than English.
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    Chloe Atamian
    Chloe Atamian Country flag: fr

    Try to find a French tutor or try to find videos on YouTube to hear the pronunciation

  • Hello, can you please tell me how to pronounce this word " ordinateur " ?
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    Chloe Atamian
    Chloe Atamian Country flag: fr

    I cannot copy and paste the phonetics transcription idk But here is how I say it as a French native speaker Orrdeenater

  • What is your favourite french dessert?

    I am passionated about French pastry and desserts! My favourite is mousse au chocolat, how about yours?

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    I must say, I loooove an éclair!!

  • What is your favorite French band or singer ?
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    J'aime bien la musique d'Angèle,de Téléphone, de Christine and the Queens et plein d'autres. Au sein de mes cours, j'encourage les étudiants à analyser les paroles.

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  • Iwant to learn to speak franch
  • Is French language easy to learn for English speaking students?

    What are the differences between English and French? What are the similarities between English and French?

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    French grammar is most complicated than in English, French vocabulary is larger and allows you to give a lot of nuance tona text ... I work a lot to having students translates from English to French and they learn quite quickly in general ...

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