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35 questions about Spanish

  • Is anyone interested in learning spanish or being bilingual? I speak both languages fluently! 😄

    being Bilingual opens many doors and opportunities for any and everyone

  • I'am looking for an Spanish Tutor (Venezuela)

    Hello Spanish tutors im looking for an Spanish Tutor especially for conversation. I spend 5 months already in central america but i forgot most of my Spanish. Im nearly fluent in in brazilian portuguese. I wanna learn how to handle the basic in Conversation in Spanish and also learn some slangs.

  • How many of you want to learn English language to Urdu tutors?

    Can you speak urdu?

  • What is the best method to learn Spanish or whatever language?

    As a language teacher the best method to learn a language is through the exaggeration and the acting.

  • Why do you think livexp is the best teaching platform for Spanish tutors?
  • What is the difference between, "iba," "Fui," and "Estuve" ?
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    They are all oast tenses Iba comes from the verb IR (I was going) as an imperfect tense Fui comes from both the verb SER(was) and IR (went) as a preterite tense Estuve comes from the verb ESTAR (was) as a preterite tense

  • Is Spanish underestimated by English speakers?

    You can find a lot of information across the Internet that says that Spanish is one of the easiest languages to learn for English speakers. But it's definitely not easy peasy lemon squeezy. So, what do you think? Do English speakers underestimate Spanish?

  • In your opinion what is the most dificult part of learning spanish? I’m a professor :)
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    Short answer: Spanish verbs. Second short answer: Objective and possessive pronouns. Spanish verbs come in 7 simple and 7 compound tenses, plus imperative forms that change based on the context of the command. Pronouns either pair up with verbs and either follow or precede the verb form, depending on the verb form. Then there's the le/les and reflexives that can baffle even the most dedicated grammarian.

  • In your opinión what is the most dificult part of de spanish language
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    The conjugations but with practice through conversations you can memorize them . Don´t worry :)

  • Why does straw in Mexico means “popote” but in Argentina “pitillo”?
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