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5 questions about Japanese

  • Konnichiwa everyone. How is your day going? Is there anything that you need help with?
  • Between learning English and Japanese which do student find interesting

    It is easier to learn to speak English or it is easier learning to speak Japanese? Which of the language is considered more fun and interesting by students

  • What is the main difficulty in learning Japanese for English speakers?

    I know English as a second language, and I have been learning Indonesian for 4 years. I have the desire to learn Japanese but I'm afraid I will fail. How much time will it take to start speaking Japanese if to learn it from scratch?

  • Oh no, everybody lost his mind! I cannot live like this. I will commit harakiri right now.

    How do you say this in Japanese?

    Best answer

    こんにちは!この文を日本語に訳すと、 「大変だ、みんなは狂っている、このように生きてはならぬ、今すぐ腹切したいのだ。」

  • How to use "boku" vs. "ore" in Japanese?

    Hello everyone! I don't understand where to use "boku" and where to use "ore". Could you help me please?

    Best answer

    To friends and colleagues are ORE. The word ORE is a casual express. When you talk to your boss and superiors, in my opinion WATAKUSHI is the best to use about the situation. WATAKUSHI is the most polite word to use. About BUKU, little children use the word BOKU. Used when they express themselves. However, sometimes business men use BOKU as well. I think they are still immature as a business man a little.

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