What is peak my interest? Help me understand it

Hi everybody! What is the meaning of peak my interest? Is it an idiom?

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Hi! primarily, it is informal English and It is used to express that something catches your attention ,or arise your interest and curiosity. for instance, "The Bluefish obviously piqued my interest a lot," he said. Thank you for asking and remember "happy learning".

  • Peak would be the highest point of something, the peak of a mountain is the top of the mountain. Peak of interest is the most interesting part. The most interesting part of something is the peak of your interest.

  • "Peak of interest" is actually Passion. When you are too much interested in something and it becomes your passion you call it specifically as "Peak of my interest" Example:- Playing soccer is peak of my interest

  • Sorry, but the spelling is wrong. It should be 'pique my interest' and it is used to say that something or someone has made me interested in it.

  • Peak my interest' means took my interest levels in someone or something to the peak or highest level.

  • Hi dear! As you put it, 'peak my interest', is a phrase and is better spelt though with the same pronunciation, 'to pique one's interest'. It means to grab one's attention or to be very, very interested in something to the point where you don't look elsewhere for an alternative or option. Here is a sentence in which this phrase can be used: The finals of the cricket T20 match between England and Australia piqued my interest that I can't miss it!

  • If you referring to the idiom its 'pique my interest' with pique meaning arousing, provoke or caught your interest. For example '' The tiger skin rug immediately piqued my interest as soon as I entered the house and I decided to ask him where he got''

  • This is what someone says when they tell you that "hey, I'm now really listening to you, you have caught my attention". (Caught my attention is a phrase which is basically something we say when we are interested in what the person has said, and we are now completely focused on what they are saying or are about to say.. Hope this helps. Dale

  • Peak means highest point. Idioms are informal language and moreover it’s a good to enhance your vocabulary and sound like a native.

  • When refering to an idiom its "pique one's interest", with Pique meaning arousing or to provoke. However peaked can make sense in context. Peak means "to bring to a maximum value or intensity" and this is what one might mean when saying "my interest was peaked "

  • Peak means highest point. Peak my interest means trying to get someone excited without taking a quick look at it

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