What are your thoughts on problem-based learning?

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When it's related to something in the student's life, I really like it. They can use a range of skills to find answers, and it can also be a lot of fun.

  • it’s great because it gets the mind to work and that in return improves your learning efficiency

  • Problem-based learning depends on the student. It could be he/she is new to the language. It could be that he/she is unable to pronounce a particular word, example a student from China says "umbella" for "umbrella". So there is more emphasis to be placed for words with "r" Some students do not have the patience to learn for an hour, so we teach them through quizzes, games, riddles and sort stories. The quizzes could be based on General Knowledge, Grammar or famous people or if the student is interested in football, we can ask them about their favorite player and talk for a while .Every student has a different way of learning, so it is the tutor who has to be versatile in hr teaching methods.

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  • Problem-based learning (PBL) isn't just about absorbing facts; it's about diving headfirst into real-world dilemmas! Imagine a classroom transformed into a detective agency, where students grapple with mysteries and unearth solutions. This approach is a breath of fresh air compared to traditional lectures. While some might crave the comfort of clear-cut answers, PBL fosters critical thinking and collaboration, equipping learners with the tools to tackle any future challenge. It's messy, it's exciting, and it's a recipe for building future innovators, not passive receptacles of knowledge.

  • Hiiiiiiiii 🌻 I think everything that can motivate students For example : 🌻Play game with your student 🌻Promote active learning 🌻Help them set goal in English studying 🌻Give personal attention to your student 🌻Create a positive learning environment and etc.

  • Anything that will get the student to fully understand, and apply what they have learnt (UK English spelling) is a good thing.

  • It encourages students to analyze,synthesize and evaluate information to solve complex problems! This fosters critical thinking which not only helps in Academic success but also in Practical life.... Do you like it? Why don't you book a class?Let's discuss more...

  • Problem-based learning (PBL) is an effective educational approach that fosters critical thinking, collaboration, and real-world application of knowledge. By presenting students with authentic, complex problems to solve, PBL promotes deeper understanding and retention of information compared to traditional rote memorization methods. It also enhances students' problem-solving skills and ability to work in teams, preparing them for the challenges they'll face in their future careers. Overall, PBL is a valuable pedagogical strategy for promoting active learning and cultivating lifelong learners.

  • It is important to understand the need of the student and act accordingly.

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