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Qualified English Teacher (TEFL & TESOL Certified) with IN-CLASS, IN-PERSON & ONLINE Experience

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16 lessons
Was online 11 minutes agoTeachesCroatianCroatianEnglishEnglishSpeaksEnglish(Native), Croatian, Italian, Spanish, ThaiSpecialtiesCertified:TEFL, TESOLPrepare for examsDo businessTalk with peopleLearn basicsFor kidsImprove proficiency
⭐️ Full-time English Teacher ⭐️ TEFL and TESOL certified ⭐️ Degree in Information Technology Management ⭐️ 6+ years of English teaching experience (IN-CLASS, IN-PERSON & ONLINE) ⭐️ A wide range of English language courses for students of all ages in all stages of life – from young learners of 4 years old through to their grandparents ☆ I have been an ESL teacher for six wonderful years. I cover all areas of the English language including PRONUNCIATION, GENERAL ENGLISH, CONVERSATIONAL ENGLISH, BUSINESS ENGLISH, PUBLIC SPEAKING, EXAM PREPARATION, and MUCH MORE - all with the aim of helping my students achieve their goals. ☆ As a teacher, I take a meaning-focused approach with my students. I employ task-based teaching methods in the classroom. I understand how to approach different groups, understand their skills, expectations, and goals, and adjust my teaching accordingly. DEPENDING ON THE LESSON, MY STUDENTS CAN EXPECT A DIFFERENT FORMAT. ➡️ Generally, I intend to prepare my students for the English-speaking world in addition to the English language. That means focusing on the style, nuance, and pragmatics of the language simultaneously with the technical functions of English. ➡️ I include many interactive activities in my lessons. I use a range of digital resources and I try to keep class fun. My classes are safe, judgment-free spaces where I patiently work with my students to reach their goals. ➡️ With me, the class continues after the lesson as I always assign homework to my students. MY TEACHING MATERIAL ✅ PDF files ✅ Text Documents ✅ Presentation slides/PPT ✅ Image files ✅ Video files ✅ Articles and news ✅ Quizzes ✅ Test templates and examples ✅ Homework Assignments ☆☆☆ Connect today, and let's get started! ☆☆☆ FOLLOW MY FACEBOOK PAGE ➡️ https://m.facebook.com/TutorNick1989/
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