What are the two types of sentences in Arabic and give an example for both

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  • جملة اسمية: المنزل كبير جملة فعلية: ذهب احمد إلى المدرسة

  • الجملة الأسمية: وهي ماكان في صدارة الجملة فيها أسماً ولها ركنان :(المبتدأ وهو المسند ) و(الخبر وهو المسند إليه ) مثل (الجو جميل) تصدر الأسم في بداية الجملة فهي جملة إسمية .الجملة الفعلية:: وهي ماكان صدارة الجملة فيها فعلاً وتتكون من فعل وفاعل مثل (فاز أحمد بالجائزة)

  • Именное предложение и глагольное предложение.

  • الجملة الإسمية (الطالب مريض. المدرس يجلس. الأم فستانها جميل.) الجملة الفعلية (شرح المدرس الدرس.)

  • The two types are (nominal and verbal), and it is based on the first word in the sentence(noun or verb). The nominal sentence (Al jumla tul ismiyya) which starts (mostly ) with a verb, like:( zahab Mohammad leltasawoq) which means (Mohammad went shopping), notice that the translation in English makes the noun come first, but that is not the case in Arabic, as the literary reading will be like( went Mohammad shopping). The verbal sentence ( Al jumla tul fe3liyya) starts mostly with a noun, like:( Mohammad zahab lel tasawoq) which means (Mohammad went shopping) as well

  • Sentence is consisting of two types: a verbal sentence, which begins with a verb, such as Muhammad ate meat (akala Mohamed allahm), and the second type begins with a noun( nominal sentence), such as Ahmed ate meat(ahmed akala allahm). There is a very simple way to understand it, but it will be explained here for a long time.

  • There is nominal sentence (Ex: ahmed is a boy) And there is verbal sentence (Ex: ahmed is eating a sandwich)

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