Is it normal for a 7 year old kid to say "in a moment" or "wait a second" when I speak/don't speak?

I am just curious if I did something wrong or they just don't understand, typically they can follow the words I say... even alphabets they don't memorize yet...

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Sure, it reminded me of nice series "Young Sheldon" about young genius boy, he choses words carefully and sounds very smart and educated you can also use "just a second", or "in a bit" - I need just a second - I will be there in a bit

  • Teaching kids in general requires patience, patience and patience. Also bear in mind that at this, you should teach them some discipline so that they respect you.

  • It's not that easy to deal with kids when it comes to learning. You should be the best example for them as they will always repeat what you say and do as kids see us as their heroes. Make sure you associate your teaching environment to the child's environment, using flash cards, coloring worksheets, and plenty of games, songs and dancing. There's this show I used to watch when I was a kid, it's called "Lazy Town", you could use the songs and videos there as they are very fun and catchy. Kids will totally be into learning the songs and pronouncing the words correctly.

  • No it is not normal! A 7 year old should ask " do you mind waiting a moment?" It shows a lack of respect.

  • That is wonderful for a child to say both phrases! Great job! The more they hear, the more they repeat.

  • Both are kind of synonyms. There are no specific conditions for them. But still if you want to distinguish it you can make the difference with these examples. 1. I'll be back in a moment 2. Wait a second, I'm about to arrive "In a moment" is a hint that I'll be continue this work when I'm back " Wait a second" is a hint for arrival/short break

  • Hi Senka Absolutely, having taught 7 year olds I can assure you that they are not always focused. It sounds like this child is either thnking about something else not in any way connected to what you are saying or is still processing what you previously said and trying to fit it in with what they already know.

  • Maybe the student needs some think to think more about the answer or do something in a a toy,color...It depends on a lesson he is studying and why the student wants to take a little break

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    There is nothing wrong to use those words. The most important part of English is how you say it

  • Hello Senka2 Kids are the best LISTENERS in the entire world. They are far better LISTENERS than adults. They pick up really quick and tend to imitate whatever a grown-up does. They imitate our actions as well as our words. They are excellent COPYCATS. That's why it's very easy for a kid to learn a new language. As you grow older, it becomes increasingly challenging to learn a new language other than your own mother tongue. The key into learning anything NEW especially languages is LISTENING ATTENTIVELY to what is being said and how it's being spoken. When a student of mine comes up to me and asks about the best way to learn a new language, I always tell them, "FIRST, LISTEN". Everything else comes later on. Hope I answered your question Senka2 Best Regards, Georges Khoury

  • It is perfectly good English to say "in a moment", depending on the context. I would like to get more clarity though, are you asking if it is considered grammatically correct to say "In a moment"?

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