"What's cooking, good looking?" is it idiom?

Hello! Idioms are such difficult for me. What does this phrase mean What's cooking, good looking? Is it an idiom?

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"What's cooking" is an informal slang phrase meaning "whats up?" or "what's going on?". "Good looking" is the speaker commenting on the other person's attractiveness, often in a flirtatious or playful manner . The phrase is very informal and should only be used with close friends or family members. Happy learning!

  • A very casual way to ask what a person is doing at the moment or how she/he is. A sort of "What's up?" :)

  • These are actually called catchphrases. Used since the Mid 1940s.Used from what is that smell. Adopted from the US employed as both greeting and to mean What's happening. What's going on here, What's been planned to spin the army. Also a late 1940s song by Jonny Cash.

  • It is a very familiar, slightly funny way to say "WHAT ARE YOU DOING?" while also complimenting someone's appearance.

  • "What's cookin' (or cooking) good lookin' (or looking)?" is a slang used as a pick up line, mostly heard in bars, clubs when someone likes how you look.

  • "what's cooking ?" this phrase realistically adapted of an occurence in the kitchen or any other place where the process (procedural) of combining ingredients until it is reached to certain desired level of a condition, to be later be consumed or eaten. so we tend to use this phrase when we'd get ourselves into a circle of group or when we meet up with someone, simply as an icebreaker to be showing them that we are socially want to know "what is (currently) going on" . it is more or less just as the same as when we would use the phrase "what's up"

  • it can be considered as a pick-up line, specially when u hear it in a bar

  • Hi, it's an informal slang for what's up, what's going on, what are you doing at the moment, is there anything interesting happening, etc. Good looking is a compliment, obviously:-) I hope you find this explanation helpful, Cungkhe. 👌

  • What’s cooking is generally used to ask “what is going” on or “what are you doing”. Good looking is just a compliment to a person

  • What's cooking means that " What is going on" that is an expression good looking is also told to a female who looks pretty ,beautiful and crispy

  • Hello! It is used t o ask about what is happing or what someone is planning. So tell me what's cooking ? what are you up to? Thanks for asking and I wish happy learning.

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