What makes a teacher great from a student’s perspective?

Should they be talking more than the student? Should they speak English perfectly or speak it naturally to make the lesson more realistic for the student?

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So far as my views are concerned, a teacher's ability to establish rapport with the students makes him/her a great teacher. This is something which is not found in all. Subject knowledge ofcourse is the asset but how to deliver it matters a lot.

  • the teacher is a role model for students. she/ he must be friendly to be a part of their school life. they will admire their teacher if they have an open discussion with teachers on topics in class.

  • It must be communication skills, listening, collaboration, adaptability, empathy and pastience

  • being able to impart his knowledge to his students and having vast knowledge of vocabulary and grammar can play a pivotal role in absorbing students

  • For me a great teacher respects students ,and creates a sense of community and belonging for his learners.Also, a great teacher loves his job ,and inspires students with his passion for education.

  • A great teacher lets their students speak more during lessons, doesn't over-correct their students' mistakes, and helps students gain confidence in English speaking.

  • A great teacher is warm, caring and passionate in their role. Teachers also offer guidance, give students the power of education. They also have good communicating and listening skills ,will also be adaptable and patient, and is able to keep her students engaged in learning and help them to have a lifelong love for learning.

  • A great teacher would have to be more patience and understanding with the students.

  • Hi Jennifer! I think it depends on the level of the student. I prefer to speak slightly slower when I first meet my students so they can get used to my accent and then as we progress, I start to quicken and throw the odd phrasal verb, collocation, or idiom into our conversations. I believe teachers should start classes 60/40 but within a period of time, this should start to be 50/50 or working towards a 40/60 in favor of the student. This would be an ideal conversation class (ie. the student is practicing more than the teacher) however in a class for lower-level students you may find a 60/40 is best as you are actually teaching them and explaining more, but with more confidence and knowledge this should be a 50/50 split very soon. I have some advanced students who encourage me to speak as naturally as I can because when I disengage my mind from teaching, I actually give them a "real" experience with "natural" sounds and phrases. This can be a challenge for them but well worth it :)

  • A teacher who is friendly yet empathetic to a student's circumstances and still manages to transfer the knowledge and information about English in a professional way

  • GOOD teachers must be able to carry out the lesson plan efficiently and convey knowledge in a way that is simple for students to grasp. Additionally, they must be able to inspire students by fostering a supportive learning atmosphere, fostering an enthusiasm for learning, and praising students who do well. All students, in my opinion, have enormous potential, and the teachers' methods either help them to realize that potential OR prevent them from doing so. EFFECTIVE teachers pay attention to what their students are saying in order to better understand them, as well as to what they are not saying in order to be aware of any issues. These are just a couple of the qualities that make teachers OUTSTANDING:-)

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