What is indecisive and undecisive?

Hello! Are these two words undecisive and indecisive the same?

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Well, indecisive is the correct word. When used as adjective, indecisive means not decisive, whereas undecided, not undecisive, means open and not yet settled or determined. Hope this clarifies your concern:-)

  • Indecisive people tend to have trouble making decisions, small or large. They may feel unsure about which choice to make, or they may keep changing their minds after already committing to a particular option. Indecision can lead to anxiety, frustration, and stress. indecisive people may feel like they're "stuck in limbo" and unable to move forward. On the other hand, people who are undecisive may never make a decision at all. They may be able to evaluate options and weigh pros and cons, but they never take action. This type of inaction can be just as problematic as constant indecision. Both habits can prevent people from reaching their goals, achieving their potential, and living happy and fulfilling lives.

  • The word indecisive is the correct word and can be used as an adjective in a sentence to describe mainly someone not being able to make a decision on something. For example - He was indecisive when it came to ordering what he wanted to have for lunch. The word undecisive may be replaced by the word undecided to describe someone's or something's stance or decision and is used in the form of a noun. For example - The board remained undecided on the nomination of a new chairman.

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  • The right answer is "Indecisive". Its grammar correct. When we say "Undecisive"- the definition of the latter word would always go back to the word "indecisive"- Which means inability to make a sound resolution and decision about something or someone due to the presence of options or hindrances. -Undecisive, Though recognized, Would always get you back to the right word: Indecisive

  • Hi Marcinek, indecisive-not providing a clear and definitive result----example--"he was to indecisive to carry out his political program. undecisive--to provide a result in a quick manner---example---"she was indecisive of what to wear to the party" Hope this has been helpful Marcinek:)

  • The correct adjective is indecisive, meaning the character trait of being unable to make a decision, i.e "She's always so indecisive." Undecisive is not a word but undecided is, usually referring to a specific decision, i.e. "He's undecided about which college to attend."

  • indecisive dear

  • Hello Marcinek, Indecisive is the correct word while Undecisive is not correct. 1. Indecisive means inconclusive or not providing a clear and definite result. 2. of a person, not able to make decision fast and effectively. For example; He is too indecisive to select the best choice.

  • Undecisive refers to a specific reason. Indecisive is an adjective that describes someone who is having a hard time in making decisions.

  • Indecisive is the right word, but people usually get confused with in and un and ends up with undecisive.

  • Hello Marcinek, So both these words are adjectives. Indecisive (of a person); means not decisive and that is not bringing to a final issue, usually this is characterized by lack of decision. Let me make an example “They were all being very indecisive about what to wear for graduation.” Meaning they have not yet made a decision about what to wear. Whereas; Undecisive also means not decisive or conclusive.

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