what is correct payed attention or paid attention ?

hi everyone ! can someone answer what is correct payed attention or paid attention ? thank you.

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Hi OliverParks The correct way to write it is 'paid attention.' In English regular verbs end in -ed when we write then in the past and sometimes the past participle form. Pay is, however, NOT a regular verb. It has its own special spelling when written in past and past participle form. It is spelt as 'paid'. Example: I hope you paid attention in class today because there will be a quiz tomorrow. I hope this helps. Please let me know if you have any other questions. Kind regards Nicci

  • to pay paid paid to say said said to lay laid laid these are the correct past simple and past participle forms of the verbs with - ay in the word stem

  • The correct one is paid attention

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    Hello Oliver, Paid attention is the correct one.

  • It is : paid ! it is - ay pattern and works for other verbs: say -said -said pay-paid -paid lay -laid -laid

  • Hello Mr. Parks, the correct answer "paid attention"

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    Oliver, Paid attention is correct.

  • Hi Oliver! The answer is paid. It is an irregular verb.

  • Payed attention

  • I really love Georges Khoury's explanation! I hope you paid attention in the comments section, Oliver 😉

  • Hello again Oliver Parks, Paid is also the past tense and past participle of pay and is used in every other sense of the word besides the nautical meaning. Paid generally has something to do with giving or transferring money but has other meanings such as to visit or to call. Examples: 1) He paid the amount that was due. (Financial) 2) He paid the price for his actions. (Metaphorical Cost) 3) I paid her a visit while she wasn’t feeling well. (Nonfinancial) 4) If you paid attention in class, you would have heard about the quiz. (Nonfinancial) Paid is the variation that you will find yourself using most often. It’s an irregular verb. Hope I answered your question. Best regards, Georges Khoury

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