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Hello folk! I'd like to know how can I improve my speaking skills. When it comes to chatting with the help of messengers there's no problem. The main issue is picking up needed words from my brain. I know most of them and can guess most of them and fathom them and understand. Maybe it's due to my memory abilities, or age, I'm 63 and my English is learnt by myself. I haven't graduated any university or school. Just my secondary school knowledge maybe. I'm Russian citizen though I'm not Russian by nationality, I'm avar, it's in South. I need a person who would spent his time becoming me a friend, of course I'm ready to pay. But close friend will be better. So, what would you advise me? Thank you

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Hi there. It's very nice to meet you. I have a few suggestions that you might like to try. If I understand the problem correctly, it's that you don't recall words when you are having a conversation or when you need them. The only way to improve this is to use these words more regularly. 1) Don't just read articles and watch movies. Take the time afterwards to describe / tell yourself what you've read or watched. Obviously you should deacribe it in English. It's better to do it aloud but you can do it in your head as well if that'll make you feel silly. 2) Find a magazine you like or instagram page with photographs of many different things. Describe them in English to yourseld as well. 3) You can record youself while speaking about a topic and then listen to it later and try and identify mistakes you made or words you should have used. 4) Try to read, watch, listen and speak about as many different topics you like and not necessarily the ones you like. -Nix

  • in a nutshell, hire a professional with the gift of the gab and a proven track record. Feel free to get in touch .


  • Am.here to help u to speak and u dnt be shy about speaking english book my class

  • Hi you might want to book a few classes with me. I am a 59 year old male and I have traveled fairly extensively. I have a male student in Italy, he is 63 years old and I allow him to do most of the talking. I worked in Australia for seven years and China for three teaching Chinese students English. There is nothing wrong with your memory you need practice!

  • Hi, let me know if you found someone, if not I can help you,

  • Hi Sultan! A good place to start with learning English is to first identify your strengths and weaknesses, and you've done just that! Now, there are 5 language skills that any language learner must seek to acquire if he/she is going to be proficient in that language. They are: speaking, listening, reading, writing, and viewing. However, if you choose to focus on anyone more than the other, you will be off-balance. In other words, you must be coached in all 5 areas so that you can ultimately speak fluently. In your case, it seems as though you are lacking in some of those skills which affect your ability to recall and speak fluently. I am more than happy, and patient to work with you so that you can achieve that balance in all of the language skills mentioned above. Yes you can!

  • Hi Sultan, it is normal, you can practice your speaking by booking a lesson with me 🙂. I'm sure your speaking will be better in just 4 months

  • It is normal as the more you practice, the more fluent you will be. I agree that a friend is more convienient but to request that here is like asking a taxi driver to drive you around town at no cost. Having two classes per week will help a great deal. Hope you find what you are looking for and have a nice day :-)

  • Hi, the most commonly best way is to practice verbally with another person, however f you do not have that option, watching movies, music, and recording and watching yourself speak as well as test which you an also find online to help assist with our motivation and process. hope this helps:)

  • 1. Try memorizing phrases or whole sentences. By doing this the focus is places on a group of words instead of individual ones. 2. When you are typing in messenger read what is typed out loud. This allows you to practice speaking and listening as well. Reading, listening and speaking each use a different parts of the brain.

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