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Hi, I'm searching for qualified and experienced teacher who knows what he/she is doing when it comes to improving my speaking proficiency. Thanks in advance 🙏

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  • Feel free to get in touch

  • Hi Rick it starts off with the basics and improves as you go along. Lots of practise and initiative will do. Feel free to contact me.

  • Hi Rick, feel free to check out my profile, I teach speaking for all levels from beginner to advanced. I can help with range of vocabulary, confidence, fluency, pronunciation and speaking style.

  • I am a linguist and a poet and would be happy to help you polish your english proficiency

  • Hello Rick, I suspect you believe there are some important points you should improve as for your speaking. The first thing to do is to know your main goal and the points you need and wish to improve. I would like to know which your difficulties are; for example: fluency, lack of vocabulary, grammar, pronunciation or others. Then, we could work on them in an enjoyable way for you not to find that task boring and tedious. My lessons are fully personalised so after knowing your present skills and your level of perseverance I could design a special tailored lesson plan for you. Feel free to ask any question you have about my lessons. Best regards,

  • Hello Rick I would be happy to assist. I am a native English speaking South African. I have helped many students with their speaking proficiency. Kindly send me a message. I am happy to have a trial class with you to discuss your needs and requirements.

  • Hi Rick, I would be happy to assist. Kindly pm for further details. Language type? Study or work English? IELTS? Regards,

  • Hello, I'd love to be your speaking buddy. On the go we can modify/mold anything when it's nessessary. Book a session if interested.

  • Low I'm available, do you want to book with me. Please messeage me on my account.

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