How do you think technology has changed the way people learn English?

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By opening up the world to hearing English spoken with all of the many wonderful accents of English speakers

  • Of course. So many different resources on the internet to use, not just books anymore.

  • Technology has made learning English more accessible and interactive through online courses, language apps, and resources like videos and podcasts, offering flexibility and diverse learning options.

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  • Previously, students listened to the teacher and read a lot of story books. For younger ones, they started with Easy Read, Ladybird Books, then they went on to read Enid Blyton and later Literature books. Nowadays, the children watch television for English lessons Young children are not into books now, they prefer to listen to songs and stories on the mobile phones as well

  • I think it became easy, it added the speed element, so you can get information quickly, and move fast to the second step.

  • Advantage : Made it possible for everyone to access variety of classes and resources. Disadvantage : All these can confuse a learner and they can't decide what is authentic and useful for them

  • Technology has had a huge role to play as far learning is concerned because it has made access to resources easy, the internet has made it possible for anyone with a computer or smart phone to access a wealth of learning resources, from online course to language learning applications. It has enabled for personalized learning whereby a student is at liberty to choose a tutor whom they feel is mostly relatable with their needs. Connectivity has become easier as well because from all across the world we are able to link up and hold lessons through different platforms that help us link with different people.

  • Hi I think technology has simplified our life a lot.E can have lesson all over the world, we can reach out our friends and we a lot of helpful tool for the job . Best Regards

  • Technology has made learning the language very easy. You don't necessarily have to be in a classroom to be taught the language. You can just log onto livexp on your smartphone and you will have access to many tutors who are ever ready to assist you.

  • Technology has supercharged English learning. Learning is now on-demand, with fun apps and personalized courses. You can connect with native speakers globally and get instant feedback to improve faster!

  • I have a niece who was diagnosed with autism, for years she only watched television. And that's how she learned to speak normally. She used to brabble and use sounds ... for instance, when she was upset, she would hiss at us and use facial expressions. But later on, she was able to tell us exactly how she felt and what was upsetting her. So I believe technology has improved the language in a major way.

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