Please is there anything I can do so that I can get students?

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Student primarily watch your introductory video and listen to your accent. They also pay attention to your prices, your time slots available as well as how active you are on this site. Keep these factors in mind and adjust accordingly. You can also try going live and hours when potential students are available and answer their questions in real time.

  • Hello everyone. I am also new here and I am trying everything in the book to even get a trial. I know we need to be patient. Does anyone know how we can join webinars or zooms where people can guide us and help us with things. For example getting started, lesson plans, do's and dont's. I think as a community we must share ideas and help each other. All the best everyone. We can do this.

  • Hello teachers, thank you for the answers. I've also had my profile set up for a few months and I tried all the tricks in the book that I used on other teaching platforms to get students and they're not working in my favour. It would be ideal to have teacher development training/webinars for those who haven't- and those who have secured students to help the rest of us I guess.

  • Even though students watch the introductory video it's also down to personal preference at the same time. It's just trying to be as active online to show the pupil at the same time. I am new here and everyday I go online and show this. We just have to have patience and they will come.

  • I registered here about 3-4 months but wasn't getting students. I guess your video is important and so is the price. However, I did contact the Support team

  • I also would like to know.

  • There are many tutors here and students will look at price, video profile and availability. To become more visible try writing an article, sending a podcast or video of your teaching practice or answer some questions in the community page.

  • students usually watch and listen to your introduction video. the price may vary also. so you need to ace in everything

  • Summer is always a drought period, metaphorically speaking:) don't worry, because anxiety just makes everything worse, and try putting out grammar videos, or blogs with interesting and useful English. I think it makes you look approachable. I am just waiting for September to come, tbh, haha

  • Make yourself available 24 hours a day and make your classes extremely cheap for now. I have a lesson at 6am. Any money is better than no money!

  • We're sailing on the smae boat. I can see people a viewing my profile but no bookings

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