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Sharissa L Perez

Sharissa L Perez

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Hi, I'm a Belizean that's fluent in English and Spanish. I live in Belize that's in Central America. I enjoy traveling and know how hard it is to travel to a country that speaks a different language than you. English is becoming more and more a universal language so I encourage my students to be persistent and continue their journey of learning English. Most of my students have been people that need to learn English to be able to migrate to an English speaking country or are trying to get hired by an English speaking company. Let me help you become confident in speaking English. You can schedule a lesson based on my available time slots, or look out for my instant lessons. My time zone is (GMT-6) I've been on Livexp since November 2021 and have been able to work with students from all over the world that were on different levels. It has been my experience that students learn best by discussing topics they are interested in. So in my lessons we'll discuss more than follow rigid structures, this will enable you to not feel pressured to be accurate from the get go and give you a comfortable environment to learn. Students that are on A1 or A2 are considered to be on a Beginner level. My lessons for them revolve around conversations you would have around the house, in your neighborhood and commuting in your city using a flat American accent. Who are these lessons for? These lessons are for Beginner level students that might have a little or no understanding of the language. Material for the work will be provided at the time of the lesson. Students that are on B1, B2, C1, or C2 are considered to be on an advanced level. My lessons for them revolve around speaking, reading, comprehension skills, all using a flat American accent. Who are these lessons for? These lessons are for Intermediate level students (B1) or above focus on reading comprehension and pronunciation. Also for Advanced students (C1) that are given the option to discuss freely without a structured lesson plan or select their topics before class.
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May 11, 19:04

Sharissalp é uma fofa! Adorei a primeira aula...


Apr 27, 12:33

For me, she's almost perfect. But I would like to speak more in the classes. I think she speaks too much when explaining the texts. I feel I coud learn faster if I spoke more time. But that's my opinion.


Apr 26, 14:31

She is a really good teacher!


Mar 10, 01:28

Very nice tutor!


Feb 27, 12:01

The class are very interesting.

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