Please elaborate as to the process your tutors must complete to become "certified." Thank you

In other words, how do they obtain "certification" and by whom are they "certified"?

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Firstly, they must possess a certificate to prove that they have completed the required standard in English from a recognized university or college. Secondly, to have good knowledge of the language that they want to teach and to have some experience as well.

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  • An English teacher will study a course in how to teach English, this is usually called TESOL / TEFL training. Once they have successfully completed the course and all the course assignments, they must then sit an exam. If they pass, they are awarded a certificate, and thus, become certified. The standard TEFL course is usually 120 hours of study. Having said that though, there are longer and shorter courses. My TEFL / TESOL course was 150 hours. There are further specialist courses that tutors can do, should they wish to do so. While certification is important, the crucial thing to look for is actually accreditation, In other words is the teaching certificate internationally recognised or approved. Like what you have just read? Why not book a lesson!

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  • TEFOL and TESOL are the main certificates.

  • Certainly! To become certified, tutors usually need to: 1. Training: complete training programs that cover tutoring techniques, effective communication, and understanding different learning styles. 2. Subject Proficiency: demonstrate proficiency in the subjects they plan to tutor, often through exams or academic records. 3. Certification Exams: Pass certification exams to demonstrate competency tutoring skills and subject knowledges. 4. Background Checks: Undergo background checks or screenings to ensure suitability for working with students, especially children or vulnerable populations. 5. Adherence to Standards: Follow specific standards or practice or a code of ethics set by certifying organization, which may include maintaining confidentiality and promoting a positive learning environment. This process ensures that certified tutors are well-equipped to support students effectively.

  • Basically, we study a teaching course that is accredited by one of many organisations. Lots of schools offer corses, but you must check their accreditation. Some courses may have one accreditation, others have many. I studied with and I believe they meet the standards of five accreditation bodies. Most learning platforms will check your certificate details against the school's database etc. That way you know tutors have met minimum standards. Then it's a case of checking their experience, and interests to see if they are a match for your interests.

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