Is "bleed" an irregular verb? What is its past tense form?

Hey! I don't know if the verb "bleed" has its past tense form or I should just add -ed to the end of the word. Could you advise?

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Yes, it's an irregular verb. The V2 and V3 forms of the word bleed are the same. * BASE FORM (V. 1) - BLEED * PAST SIMPLE FORM (V. 2) - BLED * PAST PARTICIPLE FORM (V. 3) - BLED Irregular verbs are one of the trickiest types of verbs to use because they don't follow the pattern. An English verb is irregular when it doesn't end in -D/-ED/-IED in the simple past tense and past participle form. You'll simply need to learn how to conjugate each irregular verb as you find them. I hope this explanation clarifies your concern, Dave :-)

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