Hello! What is "geil / geile"?

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In its original meaning "geil" meant "lustful", "giving pleasure", not only in a sexual meaning but also for greasy food "geiler Braten", "geiles Fleisch"- various regional slangs it's still used that way! Of course, it basically means "horny" but in the 70's youngsters started to use it as a synonym of awesome, cool, great, fantastic, wonderful, etc. also like "on fire". Nowadays, if you want to be cool you can say it for everything: ein geiler Film, eine geile Frau, eine geile Wohnung, or even: A: ,,Kommst du am Samstag zu meiner Party? B: ,,Geil, klar! Ich liebe Partys!" or ,,Ich finde diese Musik geil!"

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