Hello, What does 注意 mean? what's the usage and example of 注意

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Generally, it means: 1. "pay attention to" For example, we can say:"过马路要注意安全"(guo ma lu yao zhu yi an quan) 2. "watch out" For example, a car coming when you go across the street, and the people next to you may warn you by saying:"注意,有车!"(zhu yi you che) 3. "take care" For example, we can say:"注意身体健康“ (zhu yi shen ti jian kan)

  • As a noun,注意 means "Attention". “请注意”="Attention,please." As a verb,注意 means "pay attention to". “注意这个男人”="Pay attention to this man".

  • usually it means: 1.pay attention to. We can say 上课要注意听课(shang ke yao zhu yi ting ke). When we take lessons we can use it. 2.watching. For example we can say 注意!有蛇!(zhu yi! you she!)It means you should look that. 3.take care of. When he(or she)is sick,you can say 注意身体(zhu yi shen ti).

  • Attention,please!最多常用的,就是机场报航班的时候✈️会用到。也可以在上课的时候,为了集中学生注意力⚠️,会说这句话!

  • 注意means: 1. Take care: For example 保持健康,注意安全。Stay Healthy, take care. 2. Pay attention to: For example 注意看老师 Pay attention to the teacher。 3. Take notice of: For example 你一定注意到他有时候显得特别疲惫 You must have noticed how tired he sometimes looks. I hope it helps.

  • 注意 zhuyi can be used as a verb and as a noun. For the verb "to pay attention/focus" and for the noun "the act of paying attention/focus". You don't need the other words to accompany it and just say "Zhuyi!" You can also use it before another verb, which would act as infinitive verb, or a noun. Two very common ones: 你得(dei)关注你的学习! You have to focus on your studies! 你要注意保持身体! You have to pay attention to the preservation of your health. Or just 注意安全 ! Pay attention to safety! Chinese love paying attention to safety. Instead of zhuyi you can also say the longer 关注留意. 关注 and 留意 both mean paying mind to something. 近义词 synonyms include: 防備, 提防, 提神, 留心, 留神, 留意, 貫注, 小心, 注重, 著重 and 仔細, though a lot of them have a bit of variety in usage.

  • 注意 means attention example: More and more researchers pay attention to it. 引起了越来越多的学者的关注

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    注意可以解释为,focus & attention

  • It means “Attention “ or “take notice of something “. It is used in school, work and relationships. It allows people to focus on information in order to create memories. For example paying attention in class.

  • When stressed, it is a word similar to the English word "Caution“. However, in a non-stressed form, it also means to take care of or to notice.

  • It means “to pay attention to” or “be careful about”. You can often hear people say - 注意安全- ensure safety/ take care Or 我没注意 - I wasn’t paying attention.

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