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Kimberley Huang

Kimberley Huang

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Hi guys, I’m Kimberley and my Chinese name is Qingqing. I was born and raised in mainland China, so I’m a Chinese native speaker. I have more than 5 years of experience in teaching Chinese, in addition to language teaching, I will also teach Chinese culture in the classroom, such as traditional festival customs, historical and cultural allusions, Chinese local characteristics, Chinese celebrities, and so on.So that you can understand the whole China in a more three-dimensional way. Most of my students are from the United States, Britain, Belgium, Korea and Thailand, including adults and children. I have rich teaching experience to help you improve your listening, speaking, reading, writing and translation of Chinese. Most of the time, my original courseware will be used in the class. The perfect combination of teaching content and animation will enable you to learn Chinese efficiently in a relaxed atmosphere. I can’t to wait have a class with you, book my trail class quick.☺️? 5 years of experience in teaching Chinese Tofel 105/120 CTCSOL teacher I’m a gentle and careful teacher, refusing the boring class atmosphere and pursuing an interest in the class. I’ll flexibly use various teaching tools and methods to enrich and change class content, improve class efficiency, and listen to and respond to students’ requirements and questions. According to different students’ interests, learning objectives, learning levels and requirements, develop private study plans and courses to enhance student’s interests and achieve efficient class appropriately. Please feel free to sign up for my trail class and make me better to help you learn Chinese.
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