Gerund from “worship”: worshiping or worshipping?

Hello, dear language lovers! Can someone clarify one case for me? If I want to form gerund from the verb “worship”, is it worshiping or worshipping? Do I need to double “p”?

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  • Hello. Both are correct. Worshiping is American. Worshipped, worshipping. Worshiped, worshiping: American English.

  • The correct way is "worshipping", otherwise the pronunciation of the word will change from "worshIpping" to "worshAIping"

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  • "Worshipping" is correct in UK English.

  • If the verb ends with one vowel and one consonant and the accent falls in final syllable we double the consonant and then add ing Plan -planning travel -travelling The verb listen doesn't double the consonant because the accent falls in the first syllable Listen -listening Remember 1 vowel /1 consonant and the accent falls in the last syllable.

  • Worshipping is the correct answer. 🤗

  • Yes, you need double "p". Worshipping is the correct form.

  • Hello Alia!! If you want to know more about the rules of gerund and infinitive you can join to my class!! I am happy to help you about everything you need to know.

  • Hello nice to meet. We form gerund like this : when a one-syllable verb ends in vowel + consonant, double the final consonant and add "-ing". For example: "hit + ing = hitting". When a verb ends in vowel + consonant with stress on the final syllable, double the consonant and add "-ing". I hope I was helpful Best regards

  • hello Alia, yes this verb has a final p and a short vowel preceding it so yes you should double the final p into worshipping . The same goes for : to stop- stopping, to ship - shipping ( in business English for shipping and forwarding) , hit- hitting, pop- popping, trip - tripping , drip- dripping , nip- nipping etc You should NOT double the final consonant p, t, d etc if the preceding vowel is long : sleep- sleeping , keep - keeping, beep- beeping, sweep- sweeping , dream- dreaming, to hail - hailing , to sail - sailing , to flail - flailing etc hope this helps :) N.

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