For kid's spanish class, do you follow any curriculum? Thanks!

I am looking for a spanish teacher for an age 7 child, beginner.

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  • Yes, it should follow a curriculum that is best for that age. Of course simple lessons will encourage a beginner. Start with sing and dance that will keep him/her to remember words.

  • I do not. I try to create a class that is tailred to their personality.

  • Se debe seguir un plan de estudio de acuerdo a los intereses del niño, a partir de estos así como de sus conocimientos, se se debe diseñar un plan acorde con sus necesidades de tal forma que sea agradable para el. Y

  • Si, es importante tener un plan de estudio con los niños, los niños pierden la atención facilmente si no tienes un material que les atraiga. Segun el nivel tambien es impórtante para saber como comenzar.

  • I have materials! I will first try to have a trial class with the kid before choosing which materials would suit the student :)

  • My Spanish classes are interactive, children like to play. So I teach learners according to their needs. If you are interested you can try the trial class.

  • Spanish is my first language!! if you would like for your child to have a teacher who is a native to the language and didn't learn through schooling I am more than happy to help.

  • Hello I can be the teacher, I have lots of experience with kids. 😊🌻

  • Yes, I follow a flow of dynamic Spanish lessons that accelerate and make learning fun: - Music with signing and singing - Creative visual aids - Online activities - Games - Practical conversation - Acting I follow a combination of digital and colorful materials that keep Spanish students motivated, enthusiastic, and eager to participate. My tools save prep time for teachers and enable parents and instructors who don't speak Spanish to even be able to follow along and help teach the language.

  • Hola sera un placer ayudarte a impartirles clases de español a tus hijos.

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