Are Phonics necessary to learn English? And what are the best ways to learn English Phonics?

I think learning the sounds of the letters of the alphabet are very important for English beginners.

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Absolutely. Learning phonics is a what is taught in grade 1 in order for students to become familiar with the sound of words. Its okay to teach it to adults too i mean arent they doing and L2. Best way is to practice it once it's been taught or introduced. Everyday practice and as the days go by and you become more confident add more words to enhance your understanding of phonics and it can be a session with your teacher where everyone can go over their phonic sounding words

  • Phonics help student familiarize SOME spelling to pronunciation rules in English. However, I believe that Phonics and Phonetics should be used together when teaching English pronunciation since English is NOT a phonetic language.

  • Phonics is necessary to learn reading.By learning basics of phonics kids will learn the sounds of letters.

  • Phonics are great for children. As dor adults best way is to listen and practice. Practice makes perfect 😇

  • I’ll say different from my colleagues here. Not necessarily. They are useful if you are teaching kids but not for adults. I barely learned them when I arrived to the US and landed in high school (because they don’t teach phonics there) and I did good anyway after when I was in college. The best way is through games, YT videos, writing down and reading out loud

  • Hi Crystal, Phonics is the combination of letters to form sound. For many beginners, learning the English alphabets is a first step to master as they form the foundation for voicing sounds by combining different letters of the alphabet. This process is more or less prerequisite to pronunciation of written word. The best way to learn phonics is to be sure that you practice accurate pronunciations of the words you are reading. Depending on your level of proficiency, a teacher may be best to guide you through the learning process. I hope this helps.

  • Learning Phonics can be very useful for children or beginners. Learning the sound of different letters or groups of letters can speed up your fluency in reading and in English in general. My favorite way of teaching Phonics is using flashcards and practicing those sounds on simple exercises

  • Hi Crystal, it is important for beginners especially children to recognize the sound of letters, as it helps them to spell, read and write out words. I think flash cards, word games are very effective when teaching phonics. Take care 😊

  • Yes it is important people who learn English and also for chidren to learn phonics. As English major student , i believe it is significant because phonics help the learners to improve the accuracy of reading skills. The best ways to teach/learn phonics are to show the letter then to tell how it represnts. Then Fluency and Accuracy.

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