What preposition should I use with the verb "to be born"?

Can I say "I was born on..." or "I was born in..."? Which of the prepositions is correct?

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Hi Kimbley. You can use both prepositions for different uses. You would say "I was born on" with a date or the weekday, e.g. I was born on the 1st of June, I was born on a Saturday, etc. Whereas, you would say "I was born in" with a place, month, season, time of day (not the specific time, for this you would need to use "at") or year, e.g. I was born in England, I was born in June, I was born in the summer, I was born in the morning, I was born in 1990. It's not a simple answer, as different prepositions can be used with the same words but for different purposes. I recommend you have a lesson focussed on prepositions and their uses.

  • You can say I was born on the 23 September or you can say I was born in a particular hospital I was born “on” is used to tell the day or date you were born and I was born “in” is to tell what place you were born

  • Hi Kimbley This is what to say I was born in the late 90s I was born on 24th May 1994 I was born on a rainy day

  • ON is used before a date like month, day, year or month, year. IN is used if it's only the year and as well as when referring to places.

  • well, that depends on what comes next in the sentence. it is the same with other sentences, too. with times, for example, we say "at" I WAS BORN AT 04:00 A.M. *also use "at" with buildings. I WAS BORN AT A HOSPITAL. HE WAS BORN AT HOME. with days/dates we use "on". I WAS BORN ON A MONDAY. I WAS BORN ON MAY 2nd. and with months, seasons, years, we use "in". I WAS BORN IN MAY. I WAS BORN IN THE SUMMER. I WAS BORN IN 2003. *also use "in" with cities/countries/continents. I WAS BORN IN PRAGUE. I WAS BORN IN ITALY. I WAS BORN IN AFRICA.

  • Hello, You can use prepositions with different ways. 1) I was born on some day, some date or on some occasions. For example: I was born on Monday. I was born 21 June. Secondly, I was born in means it is used for some place, area ,evenings mornings or afternoon, apart from it ,you can say season's. For example: I was born in summer. She was born in Thailand. I hope this helps.Thank you

  • You can use both. It depends. If you are talking about the year , month, season or place then in is appropriate for example I was born in the year 1985 I was born in August I was born in Spring I was born in Durban, KZN,South Africa Now if you are talking about which day of the week or a public holiday then on would be appropriate for example I was born on a Monday I was born on New Years Day Now if you are talking about a place as in which you were born for example a hospital or at home then at is appropriate for example I was born at (name of hospital) I was born at home.

  • You can use both but with different meaning I was born in USA (in with place, month , season) I was born on 24th May (on with date or days of the week)

  • Hello Kimbley, You can use both because they are correct depending on the context. Examples are: I was born on a Tuesday. I was born on the 15th of June. I was born on a cold winter night. I was born in Atlanta. I was born in March. I was born in the Middle East. Exceptions: I was born in a car. (small floor space) I was born on a train. (large floor space) For vehicles that have small floor space that you either just sit or stand, you use ‘in.’ I was born in a car, in a bus etc. For vehicles that have large floor spaces that you can comfortably walk around in, you use ‘on.’ I was born on a plane, on a train etc. Please let me know if my explanation is helpful.

  • Hi! kimbely How are you? I hope this answer will be correct to your question. Get set ready, Are you sure that you mean after born? There are different preposition used for born, such as., I was born in hospital. I was born in January. I was born on Wednesday. I was born in another country. I was born in at general hospital. I was born by specific ocean. I was born during Korean War. I was born to my mother when she was 30 years old. I was born before my mother thought, I should be born. In these sentences there are many different prepositions after born the word as in, at, during, to and before etc. If this answer have been helping to you then book aBB trail lesson and learn conceptually English grammar. By, by. Always be happy. 🤗🤗🤗

  • Mmmmmm... seeing most of the answers given, "Yep, good!". But, one can also say I was born on a train / on a bus / on a plane ... but, I was born in a car. Confused yet? 🤣😜

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