What is meaning of را in spoken Farsi?!

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Well, actually there's no specific meaning for it in English. It depends on where and when to use it. Sometimes it can be used as a preposition or an object. For example, in English, you simply say "Did you see me?" And the meaning in Farsi is من را دیدی؟ But there's no sign of a translated "را" in the English version. But without it, The Farsi version of it, the meaning wouldn't be complete.

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    It's called object marker. It comes after direct object. And here's a tip: if you don't see other prepositions before the object you need object marker after direct object :)

  • actually there is no world for it in English. we use را as a preposition after the object. if you want to translate it in English it's impossible but it completes the sentence. ex: کتاب را به من بده: give me the book but it can be changed when we use it after and object pronoun . ex: من کتاب شما را خواندم: من کتابتان را خواندم. من تو را دوست دارم: من دوستت دارم both of them have the same meaning but using را makes the sentence more formal and you can see it just in written language.

  • After objects in Persian we need "را". and in English we don't have such thing. it's just something that should be there after objects usually when there's no other types of prepositions before the objects. من تو را دوست دارم I like you!

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