What does "whip" mean? Can you explain it to me?

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  • "whip" is a noun and a verb. when it's a noun, it means a thin, long piece of leather that you use to hit animals (please don't do that). or that people used to use to hit other people as punishment. a whip leaves long red marks on the skin. Example: "he had a whip for his horses in the barn" when it's a verb it means "to hit someone with a whip" Example: "he whipped his horses so they would run faster" **it has another meaning as a verb, too. it means to repeatedly hit something very fast until it becomes harder, like cream or eggs. Example: "the chef whips 3 eggs for 10 minutes before he makes the omelette" Example: "you need to whip this cream until it turns hard, then put in on the cake" and this is why it is called "whipped cream" or "whipping cream"

  • The word "whip" can be used as a noun or as a verb. It has various meanings. As a noun it simply means a lash attached to a stick or a leather strip or cord that is used for urging on animals or it can be used for punishing. For example He will use a whip to punish the boy. As a verb it simply means beating a person or animal with a whip for example He will whip the boy. Also used as a verb when baking for example She will whip the egg whites meaning she will whisk or beat the egg whites Also used as a verb when moving fast or suddenly in a particular direction.

  • Like many words in English, it’s meaning is derived from context. With the use of contextual clues, we are able to determine if it is the object (noun) form of the word, or the action (verb) form of the word. A whip as an object is a strip of leather banded into a tool used for striking. As an action, it means to move fast or suddenly in a direction.

  • Hi there! - In cooking - an action that moves usually batter in a fast way to include air into the batter. Whip is normally used when talking about a machine doing the action. ex. I used the mixer to whip my cream. - As an object - a whip is a hand tool used mainly to herd cattle. It is made of leather strips and is swung in a pattern in order to hit an object or the air to create a crack sound. ex He used a whip to get the cattle across the road.

  • Contextual, quite contextual... look and see / read what jrlagos wrote!

  • hiya Lidia so straight to the point the word whip isn't just used for the object " A whip" or telling someone to whip cream . A lot of people especially from Lancashire will use the word whip for telling somebody that they are going somewhere for example north western sandgrown dialect " Whip Round Shop " meaning im goin to the shop or if they ask someone else to go with them " whip shop wi mi " come to the shop with me "wi" is shortened for the word "with" hope that helps a little want to learn more give us a shout Kind Regards

  • To strike with quick repeated strokes (verb) To pull or to take forcefully A long thin piece of leather attached to a handle that is used to hitting Whip can be used in different sentences depending on the meaning of that sentence

  • it means to for example to whip a cream in culinary means or else

  • Hello Lidia765, Thank You for sharing your question. There are so many meaning of the word 'whip'. It depends on how you'll use it through your sentence. First meaning: a strip of leather or length of cord fastened to a handle, used for flogging or beating or for urging on an animal. 2nd. An official of a political party appointed to maintain discipline among it's members in congress or parliament, especially since as to ensure attendance or voting in debates. 3rd. Beat a person or an animal with a whip or similar instrument especially as a punishment or to urge them on. 4th. Move fast or suddenly in a specified direction. Ex: I will whip the boy twenty times. I will whip the corner. I hope that I exactly answered your question and I wish that you I help you to understand it. If you still didn't get it , then you are free to join me in the demo class and in my class then I promise you that you are going to learn a lot.

  • it means “To bring or take something quickly “

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