Native teacher for Intermediate level - is it real?

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  • I think you mean is it necessary? Native English is very different to English that is learnt through the years! It envolves many things including body language, manners, culture, slang, etiquette, sense of humour, vocabulary etc.

  • my native language is arabic but i’m more fluent in english. in fact, i’m very fluent. if you would like to book a trial session with me i would do my absolute best to help you.

  • It can be real, but you need to have a live interview with the teacher first, because "native English" can mean alot of things, and alot of English teacher will consider themselves "natives" when it might not be the native English you are looking for. For example, alot of people from Australia, England and even some parts of Europe consider themselves natives when in actuality, by definition they are; but alot of students are looking for the English that is spoken in the movies,news, music, ect...ect.. and that English is Native American English. So, make sure which type of native English you want to learn and take it from there. If you are looking to be fluent and want to conversate in American English you ed a teacher with an American accent. And as a tip: Do not worry about grammar rules until you become fluent in English first! I have seen so many of my students progress very slowly, because previous teachers were teaching them grammar rules. I'm a Native American teacher from USA

  • Hi Liliya, If you are born and raised in the USA, that would be identified as a native speaker, however there are people all over the world that learned English in school or it is there second language. It depends on your preference, sometime accents are difficult as well with other learners and hey prefer USA native. Hope this has been informative for you:)

  • it all depends on an individual. others are non native but their level of delivering and teaching methods might be greater than that of a native

  • Honestly, it all depends on the individual. There are perceptions that native speakers of English make better English language teachers. Both groups, native and non-native English language teachers, can make equally good or bad teachers. Monolingual teachers will surely struggle to comprehend when students find certain concepts difficult. On the other hand, multilinguals (in this case NNESs) know or should know how hard it can be. Monolingual speakers have little or no experience of what it actually means to learn a language. That's a FACT. To conclude, it's all down to the factors which are personal traits, qualifications, experience and demonstrable language proficiency. I hope you find this helpful, Lilia:-)

  • I don't think so. If the person is non-native and has a lot of experience using the target language and addressing your language goals correctly, it shouldn't matter whether the teacher is a native speaker or not.

  • Yes it's really work I have best plan for your goal become learning languages like hindi, English , urdu

  • You should always ask for their qualification. Being a native speaker doesn't always mean they will be able to meet all your requests.

  • It is not necessary to have a native or non-native teacher for the intermediate level as long as the student can learn. But of course, the teacher can adjust depending on the needs of the students.

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