My english is intermediar and I need to reach the fluency level quickly. Is it possible?

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Fluency level requires motivation and commitment, so daily practice is recommended, join a chatting group, speaking to strangers in English and taking up some of the many offers of tutorials with a teacher on Livexp. Confident conversation, small talk or public speaking can all be learnt. Start your journey to fluency today !

  • Of course it is possible! If you already have a base knowledge of the grammar and vocabulary in English, now it is the time to really focus on the more communicative side of the language. Speaking in an informal setting (here on the platform or with friends) and writing (for example: journaling) are really going to help you improve!

  • with enough practice anything is possible. if you would like i can help you through a session.

  • My advice is to watch anime, TV series, and movies in English. Even the news or podcasts. The more you hear English, the better you will get. Also, make sure to practice speaking in English. There are channels on Discord that are dedicated to debating politics or science. You don't have to push yourself with many hours a day of practice. Dedicate an hour a day to speaking and make it a routine. I assure you, you will be surprised by the results after six months or a year. Google discord debating servers. I wish you the best! Good luck!

  • It is possible with regular practice. In addition to taking classes with a native speaker, try reading your favourite English book out loud, make sure you memorise new words when you find them. You might also find it helpful to watch movies in English with the subtitles on so you also have the opportunity to increase your vocabulary.

  • Hello Raul! If you mean "quickly" as in a few months, then I believe that it is highly possible for you to reach a level of fluency in English. Bear in mind that a lot of commitment and motivation is needed, therefore you have got to practice, practice and practice. I know that it might seem very difficult at times, but with a good tutor joining you on your journey, and with a lot of interesting conversations, you can do it. Never give up, and remember... YOU'VE GOT THIS!!!

  • I would say that you have to practice it everyday with a skilled speaker. :)

  • yeah. you have to practice alot.

  • yes, of course!

  • by practicing a lot, why not?

  • No, anybody that says you can reach fluency level quickly is llying! Unfortunately it is a lifetime commitment and depending on your talent's it might be easier or more difficult for you. In China I noticed less than 5% of pupils had the ability to actually progress and I was teaching them at least 5 hours a week. If you are with a tutor that is not allowing you to do most of the talking you are wasting your time! English is English no matter what you discuss so you need daily conversations in English. You need to understand body language, facial expressions and slang as well. Keep in mind that there is a vast difference between British and American English!

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