Is the phrase "It sucks" rude?

Hello! What does the phrase "it sucks" mean actually? Maybe, I understand it not correctly. Is it rude to use this phrase?

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Hi Kimbley IT SUCKS means this/that thing or situation is really bad/disappointing or frustrating. It is fine to use it in general conversation, but not the best in formal settings such as with your boss, in an email or at a formal occasion. If sometning is REALLY bad feel free to say "Big time sucky, sucky" - others will have no doubt how you feel.

  • It can be if it is directed towards a person, who likes who/what you said 'sucks'

  • "It sucks" means that something is bad. It is not rude, but used in more casual speech.

  • The phrase "it sucks" means it is terrible or it is not good. I am from Ireland and we wouldn't use this phrase. It is more common in American English. We would say something like it's dreadful or awful instead!

  • I think that it depends on who you say it to. If it is a stranger, then, they may take it personally. Example: Let's say that the owner of a Camp said how do you like our new Camp? If you answer" it sucks". they will be very insulted. haha

  • Well this all depends on the context in which it is used. If one says this sucks not rude. If you were to say he sucks it's an insult.As always it's content and context which matters in English

  • Well, it really depends on the context. Basically, it means that someone or something (a situation) is terrible. It's quite common in American English, but you'd be wise to avoid it in polite of formal conversation, as some people still find it to be offensive and unacceptable.

  • Hello It sucks means that things did not go as planned. The situation is frustrating, is not pleasing。

  • It's not harsh to use it for something you disagree for example " my life sucks" or " that program sucks" you can use it in such occasions but don't use it for like " you suck" because that can be rude towards someone... Hope this helps

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    Hi Kimbley. I wouldn't say its rude. Its an expression used when something disappointing or unfortunate has happened. Personally I would only really use it with my friends or colleagues I get on with and I would avoid using it within a Business forum. Hope it helps.

  • It's just an expression. No need to feel bad. I say it all the time and didn't hurt anyone. ;) You say "it sucks" when nothing is going your way but cheer up there's always another day. Keep going forward. Fighting!

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