If I'm new to a language, how much time do I need to start speaking at a basic level?

How many lessons is it better to have per week for successful learning?

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  • Depends on what you do outside of our lessons,if you actively try to think and practice in between lessons obviously with the tools and tips provided by your teacher.

  • Learning assimilation differs. Some students learn faster than others so it's really not easy to give a specific answer here.

  • It should be individualised, It should be based on learning ability because, everyone learns at his/ her pace.A sharp learner will require a shorter period than an average learner. Therefore, it would be within 3-5 times in a week.

  • Hi, Bettsy. It can be really difficult to learn a new language, but if you break it down into manageable pieces, you can progress every day, and that certainly adds up over time. Therefore, there is no definitive answer; it greatly depends on the situation and your willingness to plan learning whenever possible. I've concluded that learning something is more about consistency than it is about the quantity of time spent on it. It all comes down to developing a habit and incorporating learning into your way of life. Progress gives you motivation and motivation gives you progress. Motivation wanes if you cease studying or utilizing the language for an extended period of time. You'll have to put in more effort once the motivation is gone in order to get the ball rolling again. The reward of daily consistency will give you the much-needed motivation to keep going and will ensure that you succeed in your language-learning quest:-)

  • Hi Bettsy I would suggest 1 hour a week, but it also depends on the student as each one has a different pace of learning and understanding, some learn slowly and others faster. I specialize in teaching children and basic English. You are welcome to book a trial lesson with me. All the best 🌺

  • Learning a new language can be a bit challenging. But wiyh consistency and efforts and a good tutor then it wouldn't be that hard. I'll propose you take atleast an hour a day to practice your speaking and daily conversational skills.

  • Hello Bettsy, While learning any new language consistency is the key. I would suggest you to invest at least 1 hour everyday for practicing. I would love to help you in this case if you are learning English. Apart from that you can listen to songs and watch movies of that particular language to brush up your skills. Best Wishes !

  • Try to spend most of the time practicing the language, that gives you more chance to just learn and to adapt to that language.

  • I would recommend at least one hour per day. Consistency is the way to learn a new language, you need to hear it often.

  • I would suggest at least two lessons per day, this is what i would do when learning Chinese, and found it rather effective

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