How to use a possessive case with plurals? Can I write "parents's house" or "parent's house"?

What is the correct variant? Parents' house, parent's house or parents's house? I don't understand where to put this apostrophe in case with plarulity.

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Hi RichardSON, - With single nouns, the apostrophe is placed between the end of the word and an extra 's': e.g. Where is the dog's toy? - With plural nouns, the apostrophe comes after the 's' that is already at the end of the word: e.g. Where are the dogs' toys?

  • the word before the apostrophe is the "owner". so if you are talking about one parent who owns this house, the sentence is "parent's house". but if both parents own the house together, it is "parents' house". take a look at this example; I saw the girl's room. >>> how many girls live in the room? (one) I saw the girls' room. >>> how many girls live in the room now? (more than one)

  • Parents' use it

  • Hi Richardson. An apostrophe is not used for plurals at all. In English, an 's' is added to the word to create a plural. There are different rules with regards to how the 's' is added, but the apostophe should not be part of the question here. An apostrophe has three jobs: 1. It provides us with an understanding of omission. This means a part of the word has been left out or omitted. Eg. Madam becomes ma'am. 2. It provides a contraction of two words that can be brought together through simple rules of negative and positive statements. Eg. Do not becomes one word "don't". The apostrophe still stands in the place of the omitted letters but connects the two words. 3. The last job an apostophe can provide is that of possession. This is where your question might find an answer. The apostrophe shows possession by enabling the reader to know what or who belongs to something or someone else. Eg. Edgar has a car. The car belongs to Edgar. It is Edgar's car. Join a lesson to find out more.

  • For regular plural nouns ending with s we do not add 's ! Simple we put ' after s Parents' girls' ...

  • For the words ending with an "s" just write apostrophe after the last s.

  • Hello, If you have a plural name but you have possessive case too you can add only the apostrophe. Look at this example My cats' litter needs to being cleaned Best regards

  • With regular plural we add the apostrophe after the plural s .. parents’ house

  • Parent’s house = house belongs to one parent Parents’ house = house belongs to two parents *Notice the place of the apostrophe

  • For Single Noun Apostrophe will be written the word and "s" For Example Boy's book For Plural Apostrophe will be written at the end of the "s" For Example Boys' book

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