How to make your text more "Effective" and "Interactive"?

The text will more precise and easy to read. It will be more in simple and elegant language. It's as easy as a non-native can read easily and understand it.

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  • Your text must be simple but precise. Choose the right and convincing words that could attract and convince the reader to believe in what you are saying. You could also use figure of speech like Simile and Metaphor to add more beauty and interaction on your text .

  • Hello, It all depends on the type of text you have to write, for there are a few and each must be written in a different way. Another very important thing to have into account is the reader it will be addressed to. I recommend you to book a trial lesson to see it. I could tell you which type it is and help you with it if you wish. Greetings

  • To become effective and interactive when texting, make sure that you provide an accurate response to questions so that the information needed will be of great help and no time will be wasted from both parties.

  • Using adjectives and adverbs, i mean intensifiers would be great. aAlso, it is important to stick to the structure. Besides, linking words and different grammar structures might well help you. Also, reading and analysing many good essays will be quite beneficial for you. I highly recomment site Write and Inmrove. It checks your writing and gives feedback. Grammarly is also fine.

  • first of all we need to see what type of writing we are on ? well if it is directed writing than we are bound with boundaries and if it is in directed writing than here you can be more effective and interactive because here your content in out of the box , i feel that argumentative or discursive writing , persuasive writing or FOCUS articles or accounts are very effective and interactive ... SO if you want effective and interactive writing you need to work on your grammar, vocabulary / synonyms , great use of figurative language and yes your own creative thinking .... if i will explain more than trust me it will take pages so its better to take my class. LOVE Ms Najia :)

  • Before writing anything, You have to keep in mind that writing is a form of communication. So you shouldn't use words and phrases that sound too sophisticated. Keep it simple and avoid any ambiguity. To be more effective, try to write to the point and be coherent. Don't give unnecessary information. You are not writing to impress anyone, You are writing to communicate.

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  • Avoid using unnecessary words. Use words that, when combined, give your reader the exact meaning you want them to receive and base their perceptions on it. Know your reader and what they are interested in and want to hear so that you can tell them exactly that.

  • Avoid making use of unnecessary words, know your reader and know exactly what they are interested in. Hope this was helpful!

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