How many months\years did it take for you to learn English for reaching the level you have now?

Learning language is a very rough (especially at the very beginning) but useful for brain period and is never be gonna totally finished cause the language is a dynamic thing so how much time have you spend on working on your English skills so far?

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Learning English is a life long commitment!

  • There is never a stop to the language learning journey. Every day I learn new things😍 But I started my teaching career after 7 years of learning.

  • I’m a native Afrikaans speaker, hence received my education in Afrikaans up until my first year of University - English was the medium of instruction. I was struggling at first but acclimatised very quickly and by the end of my second year I was more comfortable and confident to express myself in English, because I was engaging with people in English despite not speaking fluently. Thus as a rule of thumb…engage with English speaking people, despite not being fluent.

  • I think learning would be fun provided one must have keen, and determination. Only one year. Provided one must cope up my speed.

  • To be honest it took me 3 years though i never get enough of learning English because my first half of the year was really hectic but then on my 2 year I really didn't feel that I am learning something but it's more like living with it so, yeah it took total 3 years but I am still learning because you can never be perfect in something, for things are changing and there is always some space for improvement. Life is more precious 😊

  • I did all my subjects with English as a medium of Instruction. I wouldn't be sure how long it took to be on the Level i'm on, becuse by the time i was on the 8th grade i was able to teach English to other students who were struggling.

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