How do you usually reply to your students when responding correctly to your questions?

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Hi Abdo, Rewarding (or acknowledging as the case may be) progress is as important as giving lessons. So at every opportunity, the student's effort is acknowledged even when they are wrong. But whenever they are right, do not fail to acknowledge and praise the effort and/or the outcome. You just have to understand your student enough to know exactly what amount of "praise" is right to keep them motivated. Hope this makes sense?

  • Dear all tutors, I have read your responses, and I have to say that I am really impressed with your attitude toward students. It speaks volumes about your respective mentalities. Motivation, rewarding as well as validation are the common themes that I have observed in your answers, which I tip my hat to. In addition, most of your answers are related to a behaviorist approach to teaching, which is really quite fascinating. Big up to all of you.

  • 1. Use affirming and validating adjective (Awesome! Great job! Etc.) 2. Highlight what did/ said correctly or how it reflected the answer I was looking for 3. (If possible) Connect their strength in that moment or improvement in a specific area to something they’re working on improving

  • The best why to respond to students after providing a correct answer is to give them positive feedback by using words such as : excellent, perfect ,outstanding ,etc . Sometimes ,I give them gifts and sometimes bonuses .

  • Hi Abdo, I think acknowledging a student with praises and rewards when they answer questions correctly is a great way of responding to their achievements.

  • I for one believe that the students should be motivated as much as possible and the way to do so is to express our happiness and appreciation by saying and communicating that they are doing an excellent job. I believe this encourages a lot their interest in learning.

  • For answering correctly, it is good to reward or appreciate your student's achievement. It is a good way to boost their morale and to encourage them to study more.

  • A positive feedback is always appropriated as it boost the confidence of the students and gives them the motivation needed to keep working hard

  • Motivation plays a bigger role during the learning process. Positive reinforcement for correct answer is the best and also coment on wrong answers and guide acccordingly.

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