How do you tutors usually respond to "How can I improve my English?" Let's see your recommendations.

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  • Practice. But when learning ensure understanding. There is nothing wrong with asking questions for clarity. So when you are practicing improving your English its important to understand it, whether your a literal or verbal enthusiast. Every student learns at different paces so dont get frustrated with yourself if at first you don't succeed, because you will try and try again and succeed

  • A million dollar question 🤭 it really depends on the student. Some people feel better when writing some when speaking some when listning... so I guess you need to find a topic of yoir best intrest and focud on that do what you love and let it lead you in english

  • As a tutor to many , the very first advise I have to learn either English or Afrikaans... IS TO READ. I know that it may not be for everyone, but reading genuinely does help the process of learning a new language. When you do not understand a word, write it down, have a dictionary nearby to do the research around the word you cannot get a grip of. If reading is not your favorite hobby, get books or reading materials that you enjoy looking at. For example: if you enjoy going to the beach, get books or brochures (those little informational booklets) that describe different beaches and the activities you can do there. Some places are great for fishing, others great for swimming only... So get reading, it'll make the process of learning a new language so much easier and way more fun! I promise :-)

  • My response is to ensure that the student is actively practicing and making a concerted effort to maintain that the Language they are learning is top of mind at all times. Practice makes perfect and with each new language journey, you lose the imparted knowledge when you do not find ways to incorporate the language as the student will easily forget what they have learnt so that would be my advice. Hope this helps

  • This is to reply to your answers: I like all of your suggestions, everyone. As a tutor, I have always believed in "multiple intelligences". That is, each learner adopts a learning style that best works for them. There are those that like to listen more than speak, there are those that like to read more than write and of course vice-versa. Your suggestions/recommendations will definitely help a lot of learners/viewers here on this platform. Thank you.

  • My recommendatiins for any one from any level no matter which level they are is Practice , Practice , and Practice! Wether they are begginer, intermediate, and advanced. Practice makes perfect! I typically tell this to my students at college. And its never too late to learn any language🤍

  • Watching movies listening to English songs for better accent reading books finding the meaning of the words you don’t understand and when you find it out using those words

  • Hi Abdo, I think you need to practice new words you learn as often as you can, or maybe even compile a vocabulary diary. Watch movies in English and listen to English songs. Hope these suggestions would be helpful.

  • First of all, you need to be determined to learn. Also, read everything you come across and ask question..Finally, use the language regularly in spoken and written forms. Thanks and see you soon.

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    I think teaching people how to hold conversations in English first makes the process easier and less frightening for them. By regularly talking and having someone correct them when they are wrong and encourage them, it will help them improve.

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