How do you abbreviate "emergency"?

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Hi Larry, common abbreviation is E.R. or emerg. Hope this has been helpful towards your questions:)

  • To answer your question it would be: Emerg. - emergency abbreviation In the US: these are the most common abbreviations for ‘emergency or emergencies.’ ER - abbreviation for Emergency Room ICE - in case of emergency Emgy. kit - emergency kit

  • Emerg. Various other abbreviations are used for different situations e.g ER, ED, EMS etc

  • Abbreviating the word "emergency" depends on a lot of factors such as the country you are in, the situation that you have, and lastly on what context implies the dilemma that you have. Example situations on the following: Situation 1 You live in the U.S., therefore you just dial 911 for an emergency and say to the personnel your situation. You can directly say the word "emergency" or you can opt to saying EMGY. Situation 2 If you are to get stranded on an island because the ship you sailed with sunk. Therefore, in order to get rescued you can use some things that you can see and form it into the abbreviation of S.O.S which means Save Our Ship or in other understanding someone needs help immediately. Situation 3 If you are in dilemma that you cannot simply mention the word "emergency" you can be creative on how to say it to your receiver that he/she understands what you meant to say. In some other professions, they say "Mayday, Mayday" I hope you understand the gist of what I said ;)

  • Emerg is the best way to abbreviate emergency. You can use ER when you want to abbreviate emergency room.

  • That would be emerg and emgy ^-^

  • There are two common abbreviations of emergency: emerg. and emgy.

  • now you must understand if it a REAL emergency and you are in the U.S. you will say 911 if out of the country this will depend on where you find yourself. However typicaly 911 will work there actualy is no official abbreviation for emergency

  • Emerg. Emgy

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