Can you explain the difference in meaning between patronizing and condescending?

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To patronize someone is usually to be in agreement with someone in a sarcastic manner or in a superior (know it all) way. To be condescending is to speak to someone as if they are below you or have less individual value as you, if you are condescending you speak down to others.

  • Condensing is showing attitude that other are inferior where as patronizing is treating with apparent kindness which betray the feeling of superiority.

  • Patronizing is where the person is actually paying you. Condescending is where the person is down with you. Con means with and descend, to put down. A condescending person would be with whatever someone else was putting you down about.

  • In most cases, both words can be used interchangeably. To be specific, condescending means, showing a spirit of patronizing the superiority, and patronizing is rendering help by betraying the feeling of a superiority.

  • Hi Ruth, both describe people who look down on others. However, they are a little different. Patronizing is a bit more two faced. You may outwardly treat someone nicely but inwardly look down on them. It isn't genuine kindness. Condescending is more direct, It is clear that you look down on the person. Your attitude, your speech, your treatment of the person shows that you don't value them. You think that they are nothing. You are superior to them. This negative action is direct. Not hidden, You have to remember, that in English the same words can mean different things. There is a positive meaning. So PATRON also means to provide help OR to be a client. Eg: The guest spoke offensively and condescendingly to the waiter, but no one said anything. My patronizing coworker thinks that he is better than all of us. He rolls his eyes and regularly make condescending remarks. Many celebrities are well known patrons to this charity

  • They mean basically the same thing except that you can be sarcastic when being patronizing towards a person and patron means a customer at a restaurant as well. The Hollywood stars love patronizing expensive restaurants.

  • These two adjectives are very similar in meaning and can be used Interchangeably in most examples. Patronizing refers to treating someone with apparent kindness which betrays a feeling of superiority. Condescending refers to displaying a superior attitude.

  • Hi Ruth, Patronizing-adj. apparently kind or helpful but betraying a feeling of superiority. Condescending is always used negatively to imply rudeness or disrespect. I hope it helps.

  • HI Ruth_Corodova, Patronizing and condescending are almost synonyms You could use either of them in a sentence and no one would assume you accidentally meant the other word. "Patronizing" means we are talking or behaving towards somebody because we think they are stupid compared to us. Example of how to use Patronizing in a sentence: -You're patronizing me, and I'd appreciate it if you stop. -I know I'm patronizing you but I can't help it if you're stupid. -You're always being so patronizing! "Condescending'" means that we are treating someone poorly because we believe ourselves to be more intelligent than they are. Example of how to use Condescending in a sentence: -You're constantly condescending towards me, but I know just as much as you do! -The boss is always such a condescending man towards us. We wouldn't have this job if we weren't smart. -You're always so condescending! Hope that helps clear your doubts.

  • patronize is to look down on someone in a more polite way as for condescending it is to belittle someone in a much brutal or horrible way. both words are interchangeable.

  • Hello Ruth Patronize and condescend can be used to show that someone is looking down on another person. However, the circumstance in which each word is used isn't the necessarily same. When you are patronizing someone, you're being polite or nice or friendly while you are convinced that that person is beneath you. and When you are being condescending, you're being quite obvious about it and talking down to someone.

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