can i remember the words by imagine what look like with out think about character ?

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  • 当然可以的。中国的文字来源你可以了解一下。

  • Why not?That‘s a good way to remember the words.As Chinese ,we also don't image the characters when we speak,when we say a word,it is the picture of the thing in our brain. And if you want to learn characters,you can use the similar way,image the character as a picture.

  • For the beginners,such as the Basic spoken Chinese course,which requires us to speak and read in Pin yin,and the Tones are using for distinguish the different meanings properly,but in Chinese there are many homophone,then how do we tell the difference?the Chinese characters is the only effective way we can rely on.So, the more we learn, the more Chinese characters can help!

  • Can I remember the letter i by imagining that it looks like a head on a trunk? If I were a very beginner, perhaps I would. But I'm not, you are not, too. Rare English speakers do so. Similarly, that's how people remember Chinese characters. At the beginning, you can do so, for some simple characters, like 一、 二、 三,etc. As you keep learning, you will remember a character just by itself.

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    I suggest you learn and use Pinyin at the beginning, Chinese will be easy from listening and speaking.

  • It’s a good way to remember Some of Chinese characters.But others maybe doesn’t work.There are single-component characters and compound characters .The latter is a little difficult but read more and write more you can get it.we can learn radicals and then you know Chinese characters easier .

  • For beginners, this is a very interesting method. There are some pictographs in Chinese, such as “山、月”. however, with the deepening of learning we still need to learn the Chinese radical, so as to improve the efficiency of learning Chinese characters.

  • I think it's a smart way to start, try out and bring up your Chinese learning interest. After beginner's stage of single component characters, you shall find yourself with certain amount of Chinese characters basic strokes, structures. Also till then you will be clearer about if continue to further invest on Chinese study. Because deep-dive into this language to build up yourself as a proficient user, even Chinese native people take efforts to remember lots of characters, right? Hope this answer can help.

  • 在刚开始的阶段是可以的,跨过基础部分之后,还是需要理解偏旁部首的意义去学习效率更高

  • 为了让你学中文 我用中文回答吧,我学英语的时候背单词每天四五百,主要是用爱斌浩特记忆曲线 反复多次重复。每次都不用很长时间,但是要多次重复。还有一些学习语言的好用的app 你可以找找 很好用

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