Are they students willing to learn conversational English rather that Written English ?

Written English is formal spoken, reading and writing English, where as Conversational English is informal communicative English which is in a more narrative form, event-based or story-based.

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nine out of ten students are more willing to have speaking classes than writing ones since writing has always been a laborious task even in their mother tongues and it is a skill which are usually overlooked by many teachers. In addition, most students learn English so as to communicate with others verbally and witting stuff has got more to do with academic settings

  • They prefer Conversational English, because Communicative English is important as it can help a student to see value in their studies, in a meaningful way. Writing involves more physical effort because we must use our hands, and it also takes longer than speaking. Strengthening your communication skills in English is necessary, and is a powerful tool that can be used for business, travel or simply to have a conversation in a different place or country.

  • Conversational lessons are more fun and relaxing than grammar and writing

  • Hi Shinen I think Formal English is very structured whereas Conversational English is more flexible and fun.

  • l think conversational is better for first step.

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